College isn’t for everyone.

What if we could be this honest with our kids? For one, it would be an act of kindness. Recognizing that some high-schoolers would find greater success without pursuing a tertiary education isn’t a worrisome revelation, but a truth that could help students find dignity and value in exploring another path. It would facilitate maturation if we were to trust them with uncomfortable realities, allowing them to confront the unfairness of life and become more adaptable as a consequence.

American children aren’t bestowed the same level of confidence or agency that other countries afford their young…

I haven’t slept for 15 years. Not in the heavy, restorative, luxuriously drawn-out way of my early twenties — the kind that makes staying up all night an inexpensive investment.

Throughout the night I wake to the strange manifestations of deep anxiety, to the jabs of a small foot, to the slumberous giggles of children sedated by a good dream, to the thuds and clicks of animals in search of misplaced food, to the discomfort of an overworked, aging body.

Nightly sleep has morphed into a long, fractured nap, where I try to hang on in the darkness as I…

This is waiting. Anticipating an end, or perhaps a palpable change to the sudden stagnation of life. I hate the waiting. It draws out minutes and conceals the aging of my cells until it’s over and the amount of wasted existence is quantifiable. Without plans, direction, or exploration, what is there really?

The mind is a prison when deprived of new spaces to wander. Movement is deeply intertwined with thought, and each slowly passing hour I languish further. The house has gotten smaller. The air inside is stale and too warm. I’m angry, and I blame my husband, my kids…

Sam Harris (Photo Credit: The NYTimes)

Since its public birth in late 2017 on stage with Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, and Eric Weinstein, the ‘IDW’ has swiftly evolved from concept to category. In conversation, Weinstein had glibly referred to a group of intellectuals speaking uncomfortable truths and challenging consensus as the “intellectual dark web, or IDW.” Although intended to be a loose descriptor for those who are difficult to classify and eager to promote public discourse, useful in directing our attention to disparate voices of reason and idea exploration, the IDW has since homogenized and been hijacked by imposters.

In a climate of rising sociopolitical strife…

Although it has become utterly obvious and trite to say, social media has both elevated and defiled our relationships, sense-making, and discourse. Never before has one society retrieved so much information from its citizens, and never before have we had the individual power to organize and participate in such homogeneous communities; nor has the average person ever had such access to their favorite celebrities and held such recognition themselves.

These features are deeply influential in how we evaluate information and the relationships we build, which, together, create a type of feedback loop. Making sense of and incorporating new ideas relies…

My therapist thinks I have difficulty in allowing myself to be nourished. He thinks, whether it come from food or people, I resist any kind of personal restoration because, he tells me, “You seem to feel that life has to be earned.” He’s superficially right but letting him know would do more for his mental health than for mine.

Young and slightly soft bellied, with a dark face-engulfing beard that lends him a distinguished appearance, he’s annoyingly cautious. Smugly demure. I’ve never liked people like that. People should be allowed one deficit; be fat or subdued. But not both.


I woke up to poo this morning.

It was barely 6 AM and my 4-year-old decided the warmth of a pee-soaked mattress was more comfortable than the hard coolness of a toilet seat. This happens far too often to appreciate the possibility of an accident. No, this is a worn-in mother’s acceptance of daily strife and predictable catastrophe.

Having a sensitive girl makes overreacting impossible. If I can calmly downplay each step of misery, we’ll get through this much more quickly — and hopefully with less shit on my hands.

There are now underpants in the sink, left to ripen…

As a child I was fascinated by literature that showcased mothers as a central or supporting characters. Without much consideration, I always regarded them with the mild fondness one bestows mythical creatures; a feeling generated by the implicit understanding that “mother” symbolizes love, safety, and feminine heroism.

But like fairies and dragons, I didn’t perceive them as anything more than fictitious. ‘Mom’ was a concept, not a person; an abstract schema I was capable of knowing but never able to apply.

Mothers were for other people.

The storybooks offered a dream with a heartbeat, and I wanted in. I wanted…

A boy, Waldo, and his two sisters, Pippa and Pyrrha, could rarely get along. They were good little children, but pursuing agreement was still a little out of reach.

Arguments erupted over their share of food, toys, who had the biggest trophies, and even how many kisses they’d each receive at bedtime.

But most of all, they quarreled over chores and how they should be assigned.

When it came time to tidy up, each child would complain, demanding that the others should be held responsible.

“But I didn’t make this mess!” cried Waldo.

“No one else is helping!” whined Pippa.

In some circles, it has become taboo to declare that men and women are biologically different. Acknowledging this fact is not an assertion that one is inherently superior, nor is it a dismissal of the grand overlap of traits between them. Both sexes evolved together and have varying skills and social strategies based on reproductive function and environmental adaptation. From the time we are born, we are immersed in cultures that provide and reinforce cues as to what a woman and man look like and behave. But rather than being imposed or constructed, most phenotypic and performative sex differences are…

Tanya Stahler

Unconventional mother. Race director and writer for Inside Trail Racing. Suspended biology career to better feed myself to each of my three kids.

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